Let’s Get Going!

Welcome! Being techy on the web is very new to me (and yes starting a blog/webpage is techy for me). I started with a fitness Instagram and I wanted to create a place where information and communication would be more easily accessible. I would also like to share more of my life on here as well! My main focus for you, is to share anything I have learned within the realm of health and fitness. Including living a happy life, because that is part of being healthy too! I would love to hear feedback and know what you want to see on here. For now I will start with a bit about how I got into health and fitness. I just shared a short on how I got started on my journey with GetMine.co so I figured I would start with that as my first post on here 🙂 Feel free to leave comments or send emails on your thoughts or suggestions on what you would like to see here in the future!

I grew up thin. Family and friends would comment on how great it was or how jealous they were. “You can eat anything and stay thin!” I never thought much of it. In college I took a health class where the professor measured everyone’s body fat percentage. He told me I was at 29%; in a prior class I remembered him saying that 30% was considered obese. Considering how I looked this was shocking. It was then I realized that thin meant nothing if I wasn’t healthy. So I decided to make a change. At that time all I knew was that vegetables and running were considered healthy. I started with what I knew, with time, through knowledgeable friends, research, and plenty of trial and error I’ve learned more about health and fitness. I am still thin, I don’t weigh myself or measure body fat. I just know that I’m taking better care of myself. My mind and body show for and appreciate it.


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