Making Motivation Move Me

I’ve found that I can get inspired by many different things, people, and places. Getting motivated gives us reason and an urge to start acting upon something we want. Sometimes we can get that wave of motivation, we start thinking of all the ways to act upon it, and then… the acting upon it never happens. Why? Mainly, we find ourselves making excuses. “I can’t start now because my schedule is changing, or I will wait until after this event, OR I’ll start next week (month, year, etc.)” EXCUSES! Those little reasons we put forward to justify the action going AGAINST our motivation. This is starting to sound like a mental battle, and it is. Once we can grasp that excuses are coming from the same place our motivation is, we can decide who we will allow to win the battle. WE ARE IN CONTROL of that battle. So how do we make our motivation move us?

  1. Find a motivational source
  2. Make a reasonable goal for yourself
  3. Remind yourself to stay on track (even if it takes setting an alarm!)
  4. Start RIGHT NOW

A habit can be created or broken within a matter of weeks. Tell yourself that you will do whatever it is you set for yourself for ONE MONTH to start. I bet after that month is over it will become a healthy habit that would take a while to break πŸ™‚


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