Posture Priorities

If you feel super slumped at any point in the day, you may want to consider making posture a priority. Even I came to a point where I realized my bad posture was causing fatigue and strain on my body. Good posture will prevent that and so much more. Whether you are currently active or not, this is something I want to challenge you to start thinking about more, and correcting throughout the day. (I have set a GOAL for you beneath pictures πŸ™‚ ) This applies to when you are standing, sitting, walking AND while doing exercise. Actively thinking about it and activating muscles that should be activated all day will help get into the habit of engaging parts of your body that we tend to let go of. I guarantee you will feel a tad bit more confident walking around after correcting your posture.

Good posture cues:

  1. Roll shoulders back (then chest naturally expands)
  2. Neutralize the spine (by engaging your abs and glutes!)

Here are some pictures to show what I mean by these cues. Top three I am straightening out my spine and bottom two I am rolling back my shoulders! You can click on pictures to see them bigger and see the captions.


*Heres a GOAL to achieve: to get into the routine of thinking about your posture throughout the day set 1 or 2 alarms that say POSTURE to remind yourself and it will eventually just come to you!*


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