Scratching out Secret Sugars

Friends, I have a secret. It is a big one. We know sugar isn’t the best for us, but did you know about secret sugars?! They’re everywhere! It is almost scary! I was never one to look at nutritional information, but I did start looking at ingredients. What I found is that there are SO MANY foods, sauces, and drinks that have ADDED sugar, items you would never expect. Natural sugars are one thing, eat your fruit when you are craving something sweet! My challenge for you between now and my next post (which will be about a week because I will be camping!) is to check labels for sugar and cut out the ones that have that added sugar. THIS IS A CHALLENGE. Here’s my TIP for this challenge: if I find a sauce or dressing that has sugar, I look at the other main ingredients, take note of them, and make the sauce/dressing myself. I promise it will still taste good πŸ™‚ When eating out (because let’s be real, that’s fast and easy) ask if the sauces/dressings are homemade, that will be a pretty sure guarantee that there is not going to be ADDED sugar. The reason the store and fast food places add sugar to these items is to keep it from expiring for longer, which if you think about is gross because natural foods expire!




  1. Note ingredients, make it yourself!
  2. Ask if it is homemade!

One thought on “Scratching out Secret Sugars

  1. Love this Tabs! So crazy how much added sugar is in everything! Just being conscious of it is the first step. I like the suggestion of trying to make your own! I do that with salad dressings, it’s much easier than you think!
    Also, so proud of you and this blog!πŸ‘πŸ‘ It’s awesome! You’re killing it girl!

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