Exercise while Exploring

So I went on a vacation recently and it consisted of two parts: the first part was camping, the second was by a pool relaxing! Sums up the two kinds of vacations people usually choose to go on. We either go on vacation to explore a new place or to get away and do a whole lot of nothing. Both are amazing and well deserved! I wanted to talk about how to stay active while on your vacation, and how I did too.

For either an outdoorsy vacation, or if you are visiting a new place, the answer is pretty simple, GO EXPLORE! That is what you are there for right? No matter what stage you are at in your health and fitness journey, go on a walk, go on a rigorous hike, or try something like biking and kayaking. These are all things that work you in different ways, and can be modified to be easier or made more challenging.

When your vacation is more laid back, you have two options. Make it happen, or don’t. I have been on vacation where I had been very disciplined beforehand and decided that week would be a week off, but I DID have to catch up when I got back. That is OKAY, we all deserve a break. This past vacation, I decided to make use of my time and told myself if I am going to relax all day then why not spend a piece of the morning breaking a sweat. I am on vacation, so time shouldn’t be an excuse. Many hotels have gyms, and that is what I was able to use this past week. If there is no gym, then I highly recommend going outside or using your hotel room for a quick workout. Walk or run around the hotel or stay in your room and do some bodyweight exercises. I have shared a few that I like on my instagram in the past.   🙂

Moral of the story: Go explore. Make it happen. Enjoy yourself. 

If you would like me to repost any bodyweight workouts that can be done in a hotel room, please comment! I will gladly reshare them on my instagram @tc__fit (double underscore)

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