Healthy Eating while Traveling

To me, this was more important than being active on vacation. It is so easy to fall into the mindset of “I am on vacation, so it’s okay eat food I don’t usually eat”. Now, I am totally okay with having that dessert for a special occasion, but feeding your body junk for a week is a big NO for me. This is for a couple of reasons. First, feeding your body junk consistently throughout the day…(this is inspiring me for a post on healthy eating)…but to keep to the point, let’s just say you are what you eat, and you are NOT junk! Secondly, if you have been trying to be a healthy eater before your vacation, your body will totally REJECT the constant junk on vacation, and who wants to have those kinds of issues while on vacation?

So, referring to my last post about my two kids of vacations, here are two ways I stayed as consistent as I could while traveling:

The on the road, no restaurants, exploring type of vacation is probably the toughest because it requires preparation on your part. For this kind of vacation you need to gather any kind of food that does not need refrigerated, the good part is that you can be mindful and strict because you are thinking ahead. I go to the store and get any kind of protein and veggie snacks I like, and lay low on any grain type food because thats the easiest thing to find on the road. Canned vegetables (don’t forget a can opener and a spoon or fork!), and dried vegetables are great! For protein I tend to get lots of jerky, we took a cooler on this trip so I also had hard boiled eggs. Freeze dried or any form of fruit is good for when you catch a sweet tooth but don’t want to submit to the gas station treats!

For the laid back, chill by the pool or beach vacation it is a little easier because you don’t have to prep. You can take all the snacks mentioned above if you are like me and get hangry in between meals, but if not, I am going to assume you will be doing a lot of eating out. The bad part about this is it requires more discipline because you are thinking in the moment. You will go out to eat and see all the wonderful cheesy, carby, sweet things you can choose from on a menu, and your eyes see the vegetable and protein options, but your heart wants more! Get yourself together, remind yourself why you want to eat healthy in the first place! When I eat out I choose the meal with the most protein and vegetables I can find, and if it comes with a side of some sort of grain/carb I save that for last (usually can’t even finish it all). Eat your protein and veggies first, fill yourself up, drink that glass of water the waiter brings you, then you will barely have room for much more. I promise you will feel good inside and out afterwards!

Take away: Grains and carbs are easy to find wherever you go, keep your eye out and mind open to finding and consuming the protein and vegetables your body NEEDS!


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