What is a Workout!?


Do you ever feel defeated in the sense that you’re ready to commit but don’t know what to do for your daily workout? If you are ready to commit, congratulations, you are past the hard part! Deciding what to do as your workout depends on so many things: your past in fitness, any injuries or disabilities, what you enjoy, what your goal is. Then consider what your life is like, decide when you will set aside the time. (Remember: a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day!) Making time around work, kids, and our social life will help you prioritize your time. We are all so different and it is absolutely wonderful!

What I first want to say is that your choice of a workout is up to you, you can do ANY workout you want. Even if you feel defeated after trying it once, guess what, you can use it as your new goal! We are so lucky to have a plethora of resources at our fingertips with the internet you can honestly choose from anything because all of them will get you active. I think a big part of choosing what kind of workout fits you best is just trying, and trying a few times, because the first couple are always a little awkward. Be open minded, and don’t feel defeated, remember that everyone around you had to start at one point and they are currently working to better themselves.

So what is your goal? To hike a mountain? To keep up with your kids? To run a mile…or a marathon? Do you want to lift a certain amount of weight? Do you just want to tone up and feel more confident? Or do you want to lose weight?  Start by setting a goal, then work up to it, start slow, research modifications and workouts that help you get there, and you can do anything! Goals get us going!

It is up to you to choose the path you want to take. If you need help getting started I can help! I want to be here for my followers, I want to help keep you be accountable because you keep me accountable. I have set up a PayPal account and am attaching a payment button to this post. What you will be paying for is a consultation and a starters fitness journey based on your goals! This will include a months worth of workouts based on what your goal is. I have made fitness plans for friends and coworkers before, I love seeing others grow and be happy by reaching their goals.

Since it is the first time I am adding this option on my blog I am going to offer a HUGE discount (about 70% off what I would normally charge). I want to try it out on here, and I appreciate your willingness to work with me. We can work together to make your goals happen!

Fitness Plan

Making your fitness goals happen! This will all be done online, through email. It includes a consultation of your goals, who you are, what your needs and wants are, your schedule and abilities so that we can plan together. The program will be created for you to use for 4 weeks. I promise to reply to your emails daily whenever you have questions about anything. Services can be terminated at any time by me or you with a straightforward email, but because of the discount there will be no refund (Let’s stay committed). This program is me sharing all I have learned through experience and mentorship of others, which is why I am excited to carry this on. Lastly, I suggest consulting with your physician before beginning ANY physical or nutritional program.



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