Meal Prep Month

A habit can be created or broken in about one month. Once you discipline yourself into planning out meals, making grocery lists, shopping and cooking, eating right becomes a habit you’ll find hard to break. This habit forces you to be conscious about what you consume on a daily basis. Go to the store with a purpose and a plan to avoid buying unnecessary junk and overspending. Yes, it is a process that takes time out of a day (one or two days), yet it saves time for every other day of the week! 

An excuse we make about meal prepping is not wanting to have the same food all week – we want variety right? Well then add some variety! Make a few different meal options or change one small aspect of the same meal (seasoning, veggies, protein). A few ways I add some variety to chicken OR vegetables, for example, is the way I cook it. It makes a world of a difference if you pan fry, grill, bake or boil! Secondly, I have come to the realization that marinading is crucial to flavor. I am on the constant search for new marinades. So if possible let it sit in some spices and juices for even 20 minutes before cooking. Lastly, if I am not in the mood to cook anything I know how to cook, I consider what I would get if I ate out and look up how to make it. Eat what you want! Home making your sauces and anything else that could be detrimental when eating out is always better from scratch!

My biggest tip for you right now is make a grocery list/tentative meal plan BEFORE entering that grocery store. That way you don’t wander around buying things you don’t need, save money, and time!

Make a plan that works for you and stick to it for a month. I bet after that month you will feel so good and want to stick to it longer 🙂


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