Taking Stretching Seriously


We hear stretching is important but why? That’s another set time to add to our busy schedules – does it really need to be a priority? Well, there are a few benefits to dedicating some time to stretch each day. First and foremost it can prevent injury. Stretching gradually elongates muscle and by the muscle becoming more flexible it makes it less prone  to pull or tear. An injury like that is the last thing we need, especially when it can be prevented. This goes for those who are physically active or not! For those that are, stretching increases flexibility and can improve our range of motion when exercising; therefore assisting in our muscle development. Lastly, it warms our muscles up, encouraging the flow of blood and oxygen to them, and improving the circulation in those areas. Here is the challenge this week: Set an alarm at a time of day you know you’re winding down, tell yourself to start with five minutes of stretching. You can do whatever stretches feel good. You can do this while the tv is on, while you’re reading or even chatting with someone! It’s preventative, make a move!


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