Motivational Mind Control


So we set goals to be able to achieve or gain something we don’t have right? Why is it so hard from going to saying “I want _____.” to actually getting it done? I try to set little goals for myself and sometimes find myself avoiding it without even knowing it! For example, I was really trying to be able to do a longer plank. So I told myself I need to plank every night before bed to achieve this. Okay….GO! Yeah right, of course I would just happen to forget, not feel well, think that it was too late, it would be too hot. The list of excuses goes on. KEY WORD: EXCUSES. These horrible things I tell myself to keep from getting to my goal. Is it going to be easy to reach a goal? Nope. Why am I doing it? I want something better for myself.

Spending a 5-10 minutes a day to work towards a goal is NOTHING. The first step is realizing when we are making excuses. Realize when we are trying to “reason” that it’s just our brain messing with us. We have to control our mind. Once we find that we are actually making excuses, we will be able to throw them away!

Now, are there reasons? Are there times where it is actually pretty impossible to get what we want done? Yes, of course. If you are sick, please let your body heal. BUT there are way less reasons than excuses. Reasons are rare.

Get in control of your mind. Consider what excuses you make. Drop them. Get on with it!


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