Becoming a Grocery Guru

You know that the grocery store is a major trap right? You would think it is a safe place, but there is so much avoiding temptation that has to go down. It is all part of their marketing plan. Put all the name brand, in season, stuff you don’t NEED, in the front of the store, and all the essentials in the BACK! Genius right? Make me walk through isles of chips, sodas, and sweets to get to the milk and eggs. So how do we not give in to their trap? How do we not feed into the temptation? It’s an art really, going in the store and coming out with ONLY what you need. Being a grocery guru has it’s perks, you save money, because you will go in, get what you need and get out, and you save time for the same reason. Grocery gurus don’t get trapped into the food they advertise in front, or anywhere else for that matter. If you become a grocery guru, you can even go to the store hungry, and STILL come out with only what you needed. Why? Because you are on a mission! You are on a mission to get the food that you know will nourish you and fill you. So….how is it done?


  1. Map it out – This is probably the most important step of all. Decide what sounds good BEFORE entering the store. This could be at home before leaving, or in your car, on your phone, before going inside the store. Figure out what you will eat for the next few days, and write down what that food requires you to buy.
  2. Stick to the list – Enter the store. Look at your list, and A-line to that section of the store. Each move you make should revolve around you looking at your list, and going straight to get it, then looking at the next item, and going to that section next. Get what you need and check it off as you go!
  3. Check out – Is it that obvious that this step is next? LEAVE the store. You got what you needed now get out of there, go home, cook and/or prepare. Be proud of yourself. You just became a grocery guru.

One thought on “Becoming a Grocery Guru

  1. I love the Grocery Guru post! I have one more tip. When I am trying to be a grocery guru, sometimes instead of taking the fasted route to what I need, I take the long way around. I purposely avoid the snack aisle, even if it’s the fastest way to get there.

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